10 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts 2017

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is one of the most important date nights in the annual calendar for a couple. Whether you’ve been together a few weeks or twenty years, there is always pressure to get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love.

The old classics never go out of style, but you want it to be something that shows that you didn’t just pop into the nearest shop to grab a bargain box of chocolates and a dozen red roses – you want a Valentine’s gift idea that shows you put some real thought and effort into it that’s special and unique to your partner.


  1. Chocolates: the real food of love!

There’s nothing wrong with chocolates for a Valentine’s Day gift – it’s one of the classics for a reason – but make sure you’re picking up something a bit luxurious and special! Before Valentine’s Day, take the time to visit a specialty shop that can wrap you up a deluxe custom assortment high quality choccies, with a variety of exotic flavours that will tantalize and excite your partner. Lavender truffles, lemongrass and peppercorn, and even bacon chocolates, among many other unique twists on the classic chocolate, are all available when you go to a proper specialists instead of a last minute trip to your nearest Tesco Express. (And what red-blooded male wouldn’t appreciate bacon chocolate? Don’t think that it’s just the women who have a sweet tooth!)



  1. A dozen roses – and hundreds more!

Just like chocolates, roses are another guaranteed winner when it comes to a Valentine’s gift idea. The only problem is that they are ridiculously expensive in the build up to Valentine’s, and they last about 12 hours before dying. So why not go for something a bit different this year, and gift your loved one a rose bush to plant out in the garden or on the terrace. You’ll have beautiful blossoms for years to come, and you’ll always be able to snip a few off when you need them for a special occasion.


  1. Spa day

Think massages, treatments, pampering and relaxation – it just doesn’t get any better. You could even make into a date night for the both of you to enjoy, or maybe make it into a spa weekend retreat? A present that also gives you the opportunity to spend some much needed couple’s time together is definitely worth considering. There are plenty of hotels and spa resorts that offer couples spa packages, giving you both the time to unwind together.


  1. The sky’s the limit!

Maybe the two of you have an adventurous streak you’d fancy rediscovering? Or perhaps you’re both sick of the same old Valentine’s day cliches and just want to do something completely wild and different. Take the plunge and do something crazy for Valentine’s 2017!


  1. Watch

Sometimes you need to splash out and treat your loved one to something really special. Both men and women can appreciate a great quality, timeless watch that they can enjoy every day for years to come. It doesn’t even have to be a completely brand new one – an even more personal gift would be taking the time to find a vintage watch that perfectly suits your partner’s tastes and personality. It might cost you more than a box of after-eight’s, but it would be so worth it to see the look on your other half’s face when they open it.

  1. Heart on a string

Let’s be honest, rare is the woman who will not appreciate a Valentine’s Day gift of a beautiful piece of jewellery. Heart and love themed necklaces, rings and earrings are a safe bet for such a romantic occasion, and regardless of your budget, you will be able to find just the right piece to give to your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Don’t think jewellery is just for the ladies either, there are plenty of rings, necklaces and bracelets that would be appropriate for your man!

  1. Cook something up together!

Sometimes the best date nights are right at home, and making a special meal together is a great way to get you up and having a good time. You could make it even more unique and romantic by giving your partner the gift of a cookery class for two! Qualified chefs are available to come straight to your house to give you both a lesson, where you learn anything from making sushi, making chocolate or baking the perfect pie. It’s something really different to have a go at, and definitely a talking point when people ask you what you got up to for Valentine’s day this year.

  1. Dance up a storm!

Learning some new moves with your partner is another perfect way for you both to get out and enjoy something together. It’s also great to buy a present that will last longer than just a single night, so make sure you sign up for a series of classes and enjoy the gift over and over again. And once the classes are finished, you can go out and strut your newly-learned stuff on the dancefloor for years to come.

  1. Drink up!

For someone who appreciates a really good whisky, a special glass for imbibing their “water of life” would make a very thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. That is, of course, if it’s accompanied by a bottle of their favourite single-malt. And if you like it too, make sure that you buy two, so that you can toast each other on your date night. Not a whisky fan? Make it two champagne flutes, or red wine tumblers, along with the appropriate bottle for the perfect Valentine’s gift idea.

  1. Romance isn’t just for Valentine’s day!

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