DIY Date Night #1

Date idea of the week


This is the first in our “date idea of the week” feature, which aims to help you and your partner connect through some fun, quick and romantic dates that you will be able squeeze into your busy schedules. The ideas we suggest in these posts will be really simple and will focus on getting you to share a few more minutes enjoying each other’s company every week.

We believe it is important for you to be taking these little moments together on a more regular basis, as well as taking that whole evening for a proper date night once a month. It’s these quick moments and extra bit of time together that will make all the difference in the long term of your relationship.


Date idea #1: Make a bucket list together


Start off by coming up with 10 things you and your partner want to do together as a couple in the next few years. They can be small things like spending the day at your local beach, something practical like finish saving your deposit for a house, or something more exciting like going on your dream holiday.

We recommend focusing on things you plan to achieve in under three years, so you can’t dismiss items on the list as just “something you’ll get around to in the future”. Over the next few months you should keep adding to your list whenever something comes up that you say you’d like to do together. Putting it down on a list will give you the extra bit of motivation you need to actually go out and make it happen.

Another perk of making a bucket list together is that you get to talk about the future with your partner. You can see what they want to achieve in the next few years and maybe even learn a few things about their hopes and aspirations that you weren’t aware of. You also get to think up lots of exciting things you would love to do together, which is always fun.

Keep your list on the fridge, or even just tuck it safely away in a drawer so when you do complete one of the things on your list, you can tick it off and feel like you have accomplished something together as a couple.

You could even get a bit creative with your bucket list, and make it into more of a “wish jar” than an actual list. This is certainly a more aesthetically pleasing solution if you are looking to display it around your home, and it would be a great way to liven up any empty shelves you have.


So give it a try, and let us know how you and your partner get on! What are you going to be putting on your bucket list? What adventures are you going to take on together?

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